Pitch 02 - Mechanics: Balance Phase

When breaking down a delivery one of the first things we look at is the balance phase. What separates an elite pitcher from an average pitcher is rhythm and timing. As we can see from the deGrom and Wisler comparison, both pitchers have a similar make up from height, weight and handedness, but the “x” factor for optimal velocity and command is rhythm and timing.

Matt Wisler (RHP) age 26

Height 6’3 | 210lbs

Jacob deGrom (RHP) age 30

Height 6’4 | 190lbs

Jacob Degrom


  • Hands and lead leg are in sync (they move up and down as a unit)

    • Functional timing throughout his pitch


  • Optimal Movement Patterns

    • Consistent release point

    • Above average extension

    • Increased Fastball Pitch Velocity & Perceived Velocity

    • Arm position is on-time at foot contact

    • Maximum kinetic efficiency (most force generated with least amount of joint stress)

Matt Wisler


  • Hands and lead leg are misaligned, move up and down separately

  • Lacks rhythm and timing


  • Flawed Movement Patterns

    • Erratic release point

    • Below average extension

    • Decreased Fastball Pitch Velocity & Perceived Velocity

    • Arm position is late at foot contact

    • Increased stress on the elbow / Likely candidate serious elbow injury

Release point

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