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Moneyball 2.0: How a $66 Million Payroll can Result in 97 Wins

This year’s American League Wild Card Game saw two teams from both ends of the spectrum battle it out in a winner take all. The New York Yankees had the 6th highest payroll in baseball this season and second highest in the American League, at $179 million. Meanwhile the Oakland Athletics came in with Major League Baseball’s lowest payroll of $66 million…

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The Iron Horse

On July 4th, 1939 Lou Gehrig, better known as the “Iron Horse of baseball”, gave what has been referred to as one of the best speeches in American history. One Month prior to this date Gehrig made New York City headlines as he took himself out of the starting lineup for the first time in fourteen years. Gehrig had served the nation for a decade and a half as a model of consistency, he was considered indestructible.

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